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Hatsune Miku is a virtual singing artist created by Crypton Future Media. She is depicted as a 16-year-old girl with long, turquoise twintails and is known for her distinctive voice and her use in music production software, such as Vocaloid. Hatsune Miku has become a cultural icon and has performed at various concerts worldwide through the use of holographic technology. She has also appeared in various video games and anime, and has a large fan base. Hatsune Miku is often considered as the most popular and well-known Vocaloid.

Hatsune Miku was first released as a Vocaloid software in 2007, and quickly gained popularity in Japan for her unique voice and the ability for users to create their own songs using her voice. Her popularity spread to other countries, and she has since become a global phenomenon.

In addition to her use in music production, Hatsune Miku has also been featured in a variety of video games, such as the Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA series, which are rhythm games that feature her songs. She has also been featured in anime and manga, as well as in a variety of merchandise such as figures, clothing, and accessories.

Hatsune Miku has also performed live in concert through the use of holographic technology. These concerts are called "Hatsune Miku Live Party" and have taken place not only in Japan but also in countries such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, France and the United States. These concerts feature Hatsune Miku performing on stage as a hologram, accompanied by a live band.

Hatsune Miku's popularity has also led to the creation of a large and dedicated fan community, who create fan art, music, and videos featuring the virtual singer. Hatsune Miku has become a cultural icon and has had a significant impact on the music industry, as well as on popular culture.


Sac fourre-tout réutilisable Hatsune ku Music Start, véritable sac messager esthétique, sac fourre-tout mignon, sangle initiée, cadeau de festival 75.54 47.59  (~EUR  ) +detail

Goddess Story Kamado Nezuko Tsunade Hatsune ku ZR MR PR Card, Rare Collection Card, Christmas Birthday Gift Game Toys 48.47 43.62  (~EUR  ) +detail

MOVIC – peluche originale Hatsune Miku, jouets pour enfants, figurines Anime, cadeau, 23Cm, en Stock 56.84 45.47  (~EUR  ) +detail

Pantoufles de Plage Décontractées pour Homme, Chaussures d'Nikà Semelle Souple, Été 2023 44.87 44.87  (~EUR  ) +detail

Accessoires alimentaires miniatures Anime Hatsune ku 39, accessoires PrKaito kawaii, modèle de décoration, cadeaux jouets, boîte de 8 pièces, nouveau, 2024 61.39 46.04  (~EUR  ) +detail

Accessoires alimentaires miniatures Anime Hatsune ku 39, accessoires PrKaito kawaii, modèle de décoration, jouets cadeaux, boîte de 8 pièces, nouveau 61.29 45.96  (~EUR  ) +detail

Cos-Chaussures de Princesse Kawaii avec Nministériels d Papillon pour Femme, Chaussures de Princesse Rondes, Talon Haut, Tea Party, Uniforme JK, Chaussures Lolita, Optique Astronomique, Sexy 56.65 45.32  (~EUR  ) +detail

Group figurine d'action d'anime, kit de garage, statue, boîte à musique, cadeau de Noël, décor, ata ku, 16e travailleur, Q Ver 48.13 48.13  (~EUR  ) +detail

Vocaloid Cosplay Mini Ita Anime Sac à main pour femme et homme, sacs à bandoulière Hatsune, sac d'école bricolage, officiel, initié mignon, ata ku Itabag 46.23 46.23  (~EUR  ) +detail

Authentique sac fourre-tout Hatsune ata ku-Music Start, esthétique, mignon, réutilisable, sac messager, sangle initiée, sac fourre-tout de personnalité 75.54 47.59  (~EUR  ) +detail

SEGA VOOID Hatsune ku Magical Mirai Plush Butter Anime Action Figure Toy, Nouveau, En stock, Cadeau 95.93 47.97  (~EUR  ) +detail

Authentique kit de décoration de garage pour enfants, modèles périphériques à collectionner, Sega Hatsune ata ku Cinnamoroll Anime, décorations Kawaii, cadeau 106.72 53.36  (~EUR  ) +detail

Hatsune-Baskets Montantes à Semelle en Caoutchouc Souple pour Homme et Femme, Chaussures Décontractées avec Impression d'Ombre, Streamlight 90.85 54.51  (~EUR  ) +detail

Hatsune Ku Anime PVC Action Figure, Kawaii Virtual Singer, Ata Ku Manga Statue, Auckland Action Collecemballages Model Toy Gift, 28cm, 1/7 73.95 51.77  (~EUR  ) +detail

Hatsune Ku 16th Workers Q Edition Anime Figure, White Wing Singing, Kawaii Model, Décoration, Collection Toy, Original, Nouveau 74.16 46.72  (~EUR  ) +detail

Costume Hatsune officiel pour filles, chemise Cosplay ATA ku, chemisier, jupe courte, t-shirt, robe d'été trempée, vêtements de mode, nouveau, 2023 46.23 46.23  (~EUR  ) +detail

Chaussures et bottes de cosplay sur mesure, accessoires de costume de fête d'Halloween, Cyberpunk, Edgerunners, Lucy, Anime 55.83 44.66  (~EUR  ) +detail

Bandai-Figurines d'action TAITO Wonderland Hatsune Ku, figurine d'anime, modèle de jouets de renforcement, le chat qui porte des chaussures, 1/144 85.02 51.01  (~EUR  ) +detail

Vocaloid-Robe plissée à manches courtes pour femme, chemise et chemisier, costume de cosplay Hatsune pour fille, uniforme officiel, ata ku JK, 2023 46.23 46.23  (~EUR  ) +detail

Hatsune-Anime Figure, White Wing Singing Ata ku, 16th Workers Q Edition, Kawaii Model, Décoration, Collection Toys, Original 74.16 45.98  (~EUR  ) +detail

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