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Ballet is a formalized form of dance that originated in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century and later developed into a concert dance form in France and Russia. It is characterized by its grace and precision of movement, as well as its use of formalized steps and poses. Ballet dancers typically train for many years, and often begin training at a young age. The most famous ballet companies are the American Ballet Theatre, Royal Ballet, and the Bolshoi Ballet. Ballet performances often include the use of pointe shoes and elaborate costumes. Some famous ballets include Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake" and "The Nutcracker," and Prokofiev's "Romeo and Juliet."

Ballet is known for its elegance and beauty, but it is also a highly athletic and technically demanding form of dance. Ballet dancers must have strong leg, foot, and core muscles, as well as good balance and control. They also must be able to move with grace and fluidity, as well as maintain proper posture and alignment.

The basic steps and positions of ballet are known as the "ballet vocabulary" and include movements such as pliés, tendus, jetés, and arabesques. These steps form the foundation for more advanced movements and choreography.

Ballet performances typically take the form of a story or dramatic scenario, with a combination of solo, pas de deux (duet) and ensemble dances set to music. Dancers use gestures and facial expressions to help convey the story and emotions of the ballet.

Classical ballets are usually choreographed by famous choreographer such as Marius Petipa, George Balanchine, Rudolf Nureyev, and many others. While the classical ballets are the foundation of the art form, many contemporary ballet companies also perform works by living choreographers that may incorporate modern dance and other contemporary styles.

In terms of training, ballet dancers typically begin with basic technique classes and progress to more advanced classes as they gain experience and skill. They also typically take classes in other dance styles such as modern, jazz, and contemporary dance to help improve their overall technique and versatility as a performer.


Robe de danse de Ballet en Tulle doux pour filles et adultes, tenue de léotard en velours, rose, romantique, longue, Tutus, 18090 55.72 55.72  (~EUR  ) +detail

Costumes de ballet corsage de haut en velours bordeaux avec tutu de ruban, tutus de ballet préférés de la danse, tulle rouge, 20017 52.89 52.89  (~EUR  ) +detail

Corsage Tutu en velours bleu extensible pour femmes, vêtement de danse de Ballet romantique, avec couches de jupe Tutu, 11 tailles, 20189 46.28 46.28  (~EUR  ) +detail

Robe Tutu à paillettes pour filles et adultes, longueur aux genoux, corsage de danse de Ballet, Costume de danse de ballerine pour femmes, robes Leotard, nouvelle collection 20047 52.89 52.89  (~EUR  ) +detail

Costumes de danse de ballet pour GroupDance, Tutus de ballet préférés, Nouveau, 24041 46.28 46.28  (~EUR  ) +detail

Corsage haut en velours bleu marine avec tulle blanc, long tutu de ballet romantique, vêtements de danse, tutu de ballet préféré, 20008 52.89 52.89  (~EUR  ) +detail

Corsage haut en velours rose avec tulle rose, long tutus de ballet romantique, favori de la danse, 20007 46.28 46.28  (~EUR  ) +detail

Giselle Ballet Favourite Dance Tutus, Costumes de ballet, Spectacle sur scène, Romantique, Long, Nouveau, 20004 46.28 46.28  (~EUR  ) +detail

Tutu de Ballet en Velours Bordeaux, Costumes de brevRomantique, Long, 21001B 46.28 46.28  (~EUR  ) +detail

Tutu de pansement de performance de ballet pour filles adultes, vêtements tehonneur ombrés, professionnel, haute qualité, offre spéciale 46.28 46.28  (~EUR  ) +detail

Leotard de Ballet bleu pour adultes, vêtements de gymnastique, body de ballerine, Costume de scène classique, tenue de danse lyrique JL3155 46.28 46.28  (~EUR  ) +detail

Robe de spectacle lumineuse à LED pour enfants, Cape à ailes lumineuses, Costume de Ballet pour spectacle sur scène pour adultes et femmes 66.11 66.11  (~EUR  ) +detail

Tutus de ballet romantiques à manches longues dorées, olympiques de danse, performance sur scène, faveurs, nouveau, 18036 46.28 46.28  (~EUR  ) +detail

Costumes de danse de ballet romantiques, Tutu de ballet long, Bleu mer clair, Favourite, 21003 55.72 55.72  (~EUR  ) +detail

Costumes de danse de ballet professionnels, Tutus longs, Bleu pâle, Romantique, Favourite, 20003 46.28 46.28  (~EUR  ) +detail

Costume de danse de ballet bleu royal, Tutus romantiques, Ballerine, Favourite, 22520 55.72 55.72  (~EUR  ) +detail

Corsage de haut en velours orange avec tulle blanc, long tutu de ballet romantique, favori de la danse, 20001 52.89 52.89  (~EUR  ) +detail

Robe de Ballet à Manches Courtes Bouffantes pour Fille et Femme, Corsage en Velours Bleu et Jupe Longueur Romantique, Costumes de Ballerine Féminine 46.28 46.28  (~EUR  ) +detail

Corsage haut en velours bleu royal, long tutus de ballet romantiques blancs, faveur de la danse, 20010 46.28 46.28  (~EUR  ) +detail

Haut corsage en velours violet pour la danse de ballet, olympiques de danse romantiques, tutu de ballet préféré, 23167 51.94 51.94  (~EUR  ) +detail

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